Archives: November 2005

Arrested Development gets the axe

I’m very disappointed with Arrested Development being cancelled, just as I thought they had a good thing going with the new season, FOX pulls the plug. I’m sure we’ll have plenty more crappy FOX shows to watch that will bomb, some won’t even make it past the first episode, but it will be too late, the cast and crew of the Bluth residence will have moved on to new projects. I thought the acting and direction were great, everybody had chemistry, but I guess it wasn’t popular with everyone.

IBM Slows Light

“IBM Slows Light,” not your typical headline and not something I had thought was possible, I mean I know about refraction and how light travels at different speeds through certain substances, but I hadn’t give this subject much thought before. Though this has been done before, IBM is reportedly the first company to do this by using standard materials. This could be a huge breakthrough for future hardware, companies creating components that require far less energy to run than in computers today; further paving the way for optical based CPUs.


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