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Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface looks pretty amazing, not only the technoology, but their site as well has a great interactive feel. I’d be impressed seeing a multi-touch display like this in restaurants or other areas as demonstrated in the videos, but I doubt this would be inexpensive. I’d expect to see something like this in some high-end or expensive places. This isn’t the first time I’m seen something like this, the demos from Jeff Han blew me away last year and earlier this year everyone saw the iPhone demos as well. I don’t think the question is which company will perfect this first, I think the question is how much will new technologies like this impact our lives? Twenty years from now we could all be taking this for granted.

Apple Pro

The redesigned Apple Pro section offers a wealth of information from the many industries that Apple products affect. See who is changing the industry and what products their using, or find some tips from other professionals.

I Just Bought a PowerBook! – Part 2 & More

My new PowerBook arrived right before Christmas, and I must say was kind of a big present for myself. But in my own defense, I needed to upgrade badly, and this is going to really help out with my work load. I’m ordering 2 Gigs of RAM to max out the system, but I must say that this thing powers through the work that bogged down my other 2 computers. I’m going to fix my iBook and give it to my brother, he needs something for school work and the internet, so its perfect for his needs right now. As for my work load, its been pretty hectic, a couple of great projects at Evolve and a couple of nice freelance projects have been monopolyzing most of my time, but the work has been great. Additionally, I just upgraded to WordPress 2.0 and have upgraded to the newest version of K2 which seem pretty solid. I need more time, but the work’s keeping me out of trouble.