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Steal like someone that shows their work

I just read Austin Kleon’s excellent Steal Like an Artist and Show Your Work in a single sitting. It wasn’t quite a single sitting, I had to get up a couple times, grab some more water, get distracted thinking about work related things, but you get the point. Though both books we’re a pretty quick read, I think I’ll be digesting their contents for quite some time and most likely reread them again shortly. I’d highly recommend reading each one, even if you’re not necessarily an artist or need to be discovered, the suggestions apply to anyone. You can and should foster your creativity, while finding the voice to craft the story about yourself.

Fast, easy, guaranteed

Fast, easy, guaranteed …pick none. That’s the work that’s worth doing. by Seth Godin

Migration Tips to Media Temple (dv) 4.0 from (dv) 3.5

I recently transitioned to Media Temple’s (dv) 4.0 from their (dv) 3.5, and though it was a pretty painless process, I’d like to share the following suggestions to ensure a smooth transition for anyone else considering upgrading: Following their guide was very helpful, Migration Manager makes the transition fairly straightforward: Item 12 on their guide didn’t make sense until I moved everything over. All your Domains are under Subscriptions and should be listed under your name, this is the menu you’ll use the most and it allows you to launch the Control Panel for all domains under the subscriber, which after migration will be you. The new Control Panel is where you’ll manage Users, Email Address, FTP, Stats, etc. You’ll have a Subscriptions drop down at the top which allows you to quickly switch between all domains under that subscriber. All previous email users have roles now and can now login to your server and manage their email accounts. The only caveat is that they can see all other domains on that particular Subscriber’s Control Panel. This isn’t a big deal for me, most of my customers don’t want to manage anything, but I’ll be creating different subscribers for each domain to prevent unauthorized access. I had one client that had another developer request access so I setup a limited account on Plesk 8.6, which showed up as a Domain Administrator. Since all my domains were on one Subscriber, this person had access to all my accounts, which wasn’t ideal, so I did the following. Go to the Customers Tab, create a new account with the customer contact information and give them a username and password (I used the FTP username and password to keep access the same as on the old server), but give a fake domain name,…