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CSSEdit 2.5 and Coda

MacRabbit just updated CSSEdit to version 2.5, which brings some new features such as tabbed windows and the X-ray inspector for all of your CSS needs. I’ve been using this quite a lot since the 2.0 release, the new features have been very helpful with development; I can’t recommend this program enough.

Panic just released Coda, which is an integrated web development solution, part Transmit, part SubEthaEdit and Terminal, with CSS support all rolled into a single interface. Personally I started on Dreamweaver, but dumped that for a combination of Textmate, CSSEdit and Transmit for all of my development needs. I think Coda can give Dreamweaver a run for it’s money, Coda is a much more affordable solution for a freelance developer.

The Textmate-CSSEdit-Transmit combo work quite well for me, but Panic’s new program looks very interesting, I may have to download a copy and see how it works. (via MacRabbit Blog | stevenf)

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  1. Louis

    Let us know your findings! I’d love to know if Coda is better than the Textmate-CSSEdit-Transmit combo, or if Panic have put too much into the soup.

  2. Well for the price you’re paying for Coda compared to Dreamweaver, you’re getting a pretty good deal. Not to mention that the interface is beautiful, where as Dreamweaver CS3 has stagnated and looks just like Dreamweaver 8, but with more bloat.

    A colleague of mine pointed out that Coda is could be a good all in one solution, but I may not be ditching Textmate, CSSEdit & Transmit too soon. One of my main problems is the lack of support for local PHP files in the Preview pane, it only seems to render HTML files. I noticed if I setup Headdress (or MAMP) I can preview the local files in Coda, but I may not see live updates. I may write more on this later on.

  3. Thank you!!! ive been looking for a good css editor for a long time!!!

  4. Are you still using CSSEdit? (I can see your post is a few years old)

    If you do, what version are using? And do you still recommend it?


    • I still use CSSEdit for most of my CSS work, but I know that MacRabbit is discontinuing it in favor of rolling it’s features into Espresso. I wish they’d leave it as a separate application, as I prefer Textmate for all coding, but Im sure I’ll need to consider transitioning to Espresso.

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